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Factor: product volume the lesser-known LMN analysis shows which volume has a product of the dimensions here. The LMN analysis, as follows: high-volume products = L products, products M = medium products and niedrigvolumige products = N products as for example the purchase of corrugated cardboard boxes with Asian origin with high value (A article) and constant regular requirement (X product) would be suitable at first glance. Because it is due to the high volume of L product, would inevitably excessive freight costs offsetting any price advantage. Factor: product complexity value analysis divided a product into its individual parts on and can determine the value and a possible complexity items. An analysis of the complexity of the products these products or their component parts is determined, how complex or simple are to be made. When in a country or from a vendor produced fairly simple bulk, a reference to a complex product represents a significant risk. For a value interesting and simple products (commodities), the international reference is no qualitatsmassiges and supply technical risk, because you relatively quickly and without any problems could switch back to your previous supplier. Factor: total product costs often are at a cost consideration only the price and may be considered the cargo.

To find out the actual total cost for a product with international provenance, a TOCO analysis is advisable (= total cost of ownership). Example: at the international reference devices, they should be carried a detailed overall cost when compared to the domestic relation. Even the travel costs for the buyers and even the travel costs of the supplier for later repairs should include in this context into consideration. Factor: quality assurance To the identification and securing of the qualities you the following steps necessary: obtaining a supplier information, carrying out visits to supplier and supplier evaluations and audits, verification of product specifications, certificates of analysis, requirement of certificates of origin and drawings. Without a proper shopping training, shopping advice, or customized in-house seminars for the inexperienced buyers or companies in terms of global sourcing can be committed many serious and expensive mistakes in establishing the international procurement, in particular in the choice of suitable products and fuse the qualities”so continue to Hans-Christian Seidel CSEI-consulting, which immediately pick up any savings.

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