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Relaunch implemented the relaunch of its website and the online shop using the content management system Typo3 and the webshop system Magento with integrated exorbyte commerce search for full-text and product search the Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG (WMF). Several vendors were compared when choosing a powerful search function for the newly designed shop. The Swabian company has decided for exorbyte commerce search, allowing a complete adaptation to the needs of the shop operator was possible. Clarity, usability, and smooth functionality of the shop search are of great importance. A pronounced reliability in terms of speed and the fault tolerance of the search suggestions are equally important for WMF. By vague terms, spelling or typing errors, searches can result in the blank.

exorbyte commerce search absorbs these failed attempts by sophisticated algorithms and achieve the desired result in a fraction of a second. Thousands of data will be in milliseconds hochperformant searches. For WMF project team was also important in selecting the right search technology that the layout of the search can perfectly be adapted on the Web page. The company has websites in a total of nine countries, which should also gradually be incorporated into the new design. Therefore, it was also necessary that the search in multiple languages can be offered. An important criterion for the appropriate search was that it searches not only the product dataset, but also the entire page contents using a full-text search. For this purpose two auto-suggest features had to be integrated into two systems: the product data is stored in the webshop system Magento, full-text search uses entries in the CMS Typo3, in particular also on PDFs. The results in three sections are divided into the auto-suggest: products, shop categories and general information. Products product proposals with price information be made partly also with optical highlighting of an offer price. At the “” Category selection is narrow the search for the keyword based on the categories of online stores, for example, in the kitchen”, coffee ‘or services’.

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