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This conservative approach will be four to five sessions, so over at Fractora?, eliminating the additional benefits that go along with the wound healing. For the redness of the skin is gone but usually within one hour. Thus you can record his daily life again after a short wait. This non-invasive method is often performed in combination with cosmetic treatments such as skin cleaning masks and other spa treatments. Are light damage, deep wrinkles and skin colour changes, so must be the fractional ablative method of Fractora? be used.

The downtime is longer then, but usually one or two sessions meet at this technique. Where can Fractora? be used? The fractional ablative Fractora? technology is used with the following issues: – acne scars – deep wrinkles, large-pored skin – light damage – stretch marks-stretch marks – skin sagging – lip wrinkles – veins – age spots To achieve a better result, can Fractora? also with the FaceTite?, the new outpatient facelift surgery, be combined. Where can Fractora? FIRM be used? The completely non-invasive Fractora? FIRM technology be used with the following issues: – Faltchenglattung – improve the skin texture – to achieve improvement in skin tone – streamlining -, fresh look to a better result can Fractora? FIRM to be combined with a variety of spa treatments. Technology of Fractora? and Fractora? FIRM Fractora? has two different caps with needle electrodes (20 or 60 pins) and fractionated wearing off. The electrode needle cushion is a disposable items. Each treated person receives a separate contact adapter for the skin. Thus, highest hygiene requirements are met. Fractora? FIRM tightens the skin without removing and is suitable for the treatment in between.

At Fractora? FIRM, the electrodes are rounded, so that no injury. Description of the company Swissestetix – the beauty doctors is one of the most prestigious Swiss beauty institutes and offers an unusually wide range of the most modern and innovative treatment methods in aesthetic medicine. Our excellently trained doctors are experts in numerous fields of surgery and guarantee optimal results thanks to latest techniques. We are specialists for breast augmentation, liposuction, weight reduction, genital surgery, wrinkle treatments, treatments with adipose, surgical and non-surgical face lifts, as well as for the entire remaining area of gentle aesthetic beauty medicine. Benefit from our vast knowledge and our empathy for your personal wishes. Enjoy the glamorous feel to work again fresh, relaxed, youthful and attractive, and make an appointment for an initial consultation today.

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