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Intelligent search function integrated into more shops the Otto Group subsidiary dares a fresh start. After the failure of seven months ago it occurs as a marketplace now as a pure online shop. 300,000 Articles, the shop navigation for visitors is often not goal-oriented. “” Washing machines, for example, are both in the category of privilege “as well as under budget” listed. To really find all products, a powerful search function is required. In addition to the lightning-fast search of the entire database, it must forgive typos also generously and still lead to the correct product. Because the Austrian sister company has successful end 2010 with intelligent search of exorbyte, now has brought the search specialists in the boat to increase the usability, the conversion rate and sales. With exorbyte universal search, the shopper already optimally supported at the tap: due to the input and for each character are recalculated, shoppers receive relevant matches in a drop-down box.

In the Switzerland and in Further, associated with the Otto Group, online-shops on exorbyte trust in Austria., the Swiss equivalent of the source, and start in May with exorbyte universal search. is one of the largest online stores of the Confederates. With, the second largest online shop of the country relies on the fault-tolerant real-time search of exorbyte in Austria. Integrates exorbyte in the largest stores of the neighbouring countries, thereby expanding his international position. About exorbyte search must be quick and easy. Search must be intelligent, fault-tolerant, and without fail.

exorbyte is the award-winning provider of intelligent, fault-tolerant high-end search engine for large, structured and semi-structured data sets. In the cloud or locally operated search is sector – and language-independent use and leading in the combination of more accurate fault-tolerance, performance, and ability to customize. Enterprise and eCommerce customers rely on exorbyte and thereby improve essential Success factors such as Abgleichsleistung, process costs, conversion, usability, and revenue. Your contact exorbyte GmbH Thomas Braun line-Eid-str.

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