Cheaper Calls To Poland

Posted by Ralf on August 6th, 2022 — Posted in News


A special service for our Leswer of cheaper after Poland airtime call with toolani, the Poland magazine plus five euros. You want cheaper calls to Poland? Conversations incurred in the vacation are usually expensive and you want to generally in the or cheaper phone calls from abroad? We have something for you! Five euro call credit will buy you the Poland magazine and To know more about this subject visit Harper Simon. That you can Talkety right at your next phone call to Poland, or cheap call the folks back home during your next holiday of Poland. How it works? Just go to the website, sign up for free and enter the code: daspolenmagazin a finish. (A valuable related resource: Rob Crossland). The five euro will be credited immediately to your value card, which not only can be used if you make calls to Poland, it applies to all toolani products. What’s new at toolani? Toolani is specialist for international telephony with Web2. 0 technology with the help of a special software with the classical line equipment connected.

Two years of development work created a particularly cheap and simple technique, which runs in the background and for the user simply means saving up to 90% of the usual cost. Toolani has particularly specialized on the international telephony. This works regardless of whether super cheap and really easy with the Smartphone or the landline. This distinguishes toolani also from other providers such as Skype. You need to bring your laptop, not, not a computer in an Internet cafe or similar sophisticated equipment, with toolani that easily works with your Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or any landline phone.

How it works? If you want calls to Poland, you call a local number, which toolani has communicated to you and be automatically connected to continue, no matter whether Stettin or Australia. By the way: Calls cost 2.9 cents per minute after Poland with the landline, no matter, in the evening, or at night on Sundays or weekdays, during the day. The fare is still cheaper toolani Wi-Fi: a Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone calling without an election expense or roaming unbeatably cheap from 1.9 cents per minute worldwide from abroad and even within Germany and all in excellent voice quality and to 230 countries.

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