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November 16, 2010. In office Criminon-Novosibirsk another story came from a prisoner who runs the program "Criminon." This story shows how people can change their lives by applying even a small part of this program. (Not to be confused with Stuart B. Solomon!). Everyone, more or less frank with himself, can admit that he wants happiness. But not everyone knows how close or far it is from his own happiness, and how to approach him. For Correspondence section of participants Criminon "The Way to Happiness", this theme is no longer a question Virtue "Appreciate" 09.10.2010g.

In our unit there is a man, my neighbor on the beds. Though he and the young, like me, and our views are somewhat at variance to life. The attitude he has towards me, it can be said, friendly. I myself am an orphan from 9 years old, he knows it, and every way I work, all they can. And today, I approached him, shook his hand and stated, mustered his courage and I appreciate his concern. The result was instant, he hugged me and said simply: "Everything is fine." And now, I not only appreciate his concern, but also something more. Virtue of "honesty" 10.10.2010g.

Today, I accidentally touched locker neighbor, when the squad went out in the morning to a recount. I hurry, because a little late, well, ran last. On the bedside table stood a glass mug, she fell and broke. To be honest, I was scared because in prison, such things are hard to accrue. I could not tell anyone anything, could slukavit, but I do not like that.

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