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The author offers his translation of these lines of "Hamlet", as in the original William Shakespeare wrote not just about what constitutes the essence of the human soul in general, but also gave his own concrete example of its manifestation, citing his great predecessor far. What is man, Kohl measures the price of his life eating and sleeping? Animal, not more. I am sure he is us creating carefully consider what was "before" and is "after" and not for this ability has given us and godlike reason To us they rusted to no use. That is, the ability to see the connection to time, the ability to link time – this is ability to precisely and only the soul. "The soul remembers the past, sees the present, foresees the future" (Cicero). That people, in which "merged" the soul and mind, searched among the people and readers of Hamlet and Shakespeare. As soon as my spirit (original, soul – soul) has to choose freely and to distinguish people, his election marked thee, thou man, who also suffers in the sufferings of not and with equal gratitude Wrath accept gifts and destiny blessed, Whose blood and mind so gratifying merged, that he did not pipe in his fingers from Fortune, to play it.

Whether a person is not a slave of passion – and I closed him in the middle of the heart, the heart of the heart. (III, 2, translation Lozinskii) and was never found, and do not find so far, and now not only among his contemporaries and countrymen. Naturally, the statement of the relevance of the headline statement requires special proof. Simply and quickly, that is, without overloading this note with quotations from the works of Shakespeare and a great many other authors, it can be given as follows. Every intelligent and educated person knows that in every being and of being Mige people EVER coexist elements of the past, present and future are inextricably, as three generations of people involved. "The present is burdened past and the future is fraught with" (Leibniz). So.

The soul of this man makes it to draw from this situation necessary for the practice of people (as specifically noted W. Shakespeare) emerging findings and, accordingly, "to distinguish between people," and causes them to follow. Mind of this man allows him to make these findings, allows them to understand scientific and regularity, then there is the inevitability of consequences of their misunderstanding and not following them. That is, once again, in fact, "to distinguish between people" can only be a man with a soul, that is, understands the relationship that was "before" and is "after." And the author of this article nothing more than like, how to find people with whom he could apologize for suggesting that not one of them all has been said in the previous two paragraphs. In conclusion, perhaps we should say the following. There is no doubt that sure there are people who will say, though the headline theme still does not rise just because everyone followed the popular rule: "Smart would say, a fool will not understand." But all agree with this statement should then (D. Merezhkovsky: "Having the base, it does not take and conclusions.") agree that all is still something has been written about Shakespeare's people still have not written or said about him the most important thing He was a true Man.

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