When The Hull Is Not CASCO

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The price range for casco insurance is not small. According to insurance brokers, insurance costs hull of near identical conditions can vary by more than 2 times. In such a situation should be detailed study the conditions of insurance. Only careful analysis and comparison of proposals to help insurance companies to determine exactly how much insurance product options are consistent with its price, and any "surprises" can be expect from an insurance company. In this exercise you can care to formal features – if the rules are printed in small type hull with gray lettering on a white background, is already thinking about how insurance works company. Surely this little readable text hidden any unpleasant conditions for the insured. One of the signals to the validity, can serve such words in the agreement as "not the insurance event of damage, which were obtained as a result of the accident, which occurred through the fault of the insured. Contact information is here: Jim Umpleby.

" A snag here's the – casco insurance usually covers all damages in any case – the client is guilty insurance company or was injured. Of course, the possible denial of payment, but only in the case of extremely grave violations of traffic rules – if the someone rammed or . After all, this is already not a random event, and intent. Another "flaw" that may come across in insurance regulations – is the aggregate sum insured. During this confusing for the average term means diminishing the sum insured when applying to an insurance company in case of re-insurance case. That is, when large losses once again expect to compensation should not be – an insurance company fails, and will be based It is at this point.

Another important issue in the choice of hull insurance is included in the policy of both the insurance risks – theft and theft. Ideally, of course, find an insurance company, which recorded both of these risks, but you can easier to do – to insure against theft. The reason is that if your car theft, the professional case will be brought under Article 158 – the theft. But if you take out an insurance risk "Theft" and payment can not be obtained by since you have the decision about the professional case is written that you were stealing. There are plenty of tricks insurance companies to protect themselves from which can only be the only way – to read carefully all the conditions contract, to explain them to the insurance company representative and choose what is best for you.

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