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250-800 euro. 8 linking options, high-quality links, despite the required targeted messages, some good links should be considered. You should be wary but, similar to procedures, such as when a search engine optimization, and others after the Google rules and regulations for the optimization of Web sites. Some good links on the landing page serve only one further interest of the reader (curiosity), less a search engine optimization. By the same author: Barclays Investment Bank. 9 provision of email autoresponders so that your prospects can obtain your offer is after the registration via E-Mail, we need an E-Mail autoresponders. This is from two points useful and important: to comply the required in Germany double opt-in procedure for the storage of E-Mail addresses and prevent sending procedure. (A valuable related resource: mozes konig). At the same time you pave the way for a further customer communication in the mail process thus. A good developer manages to integrate an email Respondersystem at a cost of up to 2 hours in your landing page.

At this point, calculate cost between 150 to 250 euros. Here are two providers for automation: Follow-Up autoresponder, rent cost monthly between 13.00 and 40.00, depending on requirements. Follow-Up Mailer cost unique, standard 15.50 and professionally 36.00 10 publication when you create the landing page design (layout, colors, pictures), merged the text as well as the technological components (forms, tracking, application logic, etc.). If you have a good Web Designer at hand, it should cope with in about six hours this task. 11 advertising, advertising platforms, social media are after completion of the landing page to determine appropriate advertising. Here, there are a number of providers, be it pure advertising portals, Mailtauscher, Newsletteranbieter, social bookmarks, free small indicators, media with Twitter, Facebook and other advertising opportunities socially on the Web are offered free of charge. Some programs offer in addition paid advertisements, like Facebook, XING. “Who wants to have success with advertising, must be advertise until the doctor” comes.

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