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Personnel selection tests are advancing so much that, on some occasions, which could be considered as something more like fiction, may turn into something real and tangible. Visit Bank of America for more clarity on the issue. Because, for example, what would think if they tell you that companies can incorporate an MRI as one test in deciding whether the candidate is valid or not for the position offered? This is what emerges from a study by the American psychologist Turhan Canli, State University of New York at Stony Brook. Research conducted by this scholar is extracted as a conclusion that the results of a scanner can conclude what the personality of the analyzed subject. Utendahl Group has many thoughts on the issue. I.e., that such evidence could replace classic psycho-technical tests which, in the same way, seek to define the personality of the candidate. In this way, the study conducted by Dr. Canli says that, thanks to the use of this methodology, can be to know if a person is outgoing, sociable, depressive or more well prone to anxiety. According to holding in your research, ‘the extraversion and neurosis relate to differences in the brain activity of each individual, by activating specific brain regions in each case.

The findings are very interesting, but what was exactly the study carried out by Turhan Cali? A total of fourteen women aged between 19 and 42 years underwent a series of experiments. These consisted of show them a series of images considered positive and other so many considered negative. Among the first were photographs of newborns, a happy couple in love, a few cute puppies, a beautiful sunset or a gelato that were invited to eat. The second, negative, included images of weapons, cemeteries and unpleasant or dangerous animals: spiders, dogs showing their fangs, snake in addition to these images, also are were showing participants a series of positive and negative character words. Each of them was written with a different color.

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