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In repairing cars never do without the associated tools and materials. Especially, do not dispense automotive putties, because with its help solve a lot of body problems. To learn to work with auto filler, not much time you will need: a day or two of practice, following certain techniques will lead you to possess the skill to work with putty. We can recommend the following method: Prepare a wide spatula and a short, squeeze out the right amount of putty from a tube to the surface of a wide spatula, then squeeze out a small tube onto the surface of fillings, red hardener (ratio of filler and hardener are written on the packaging). Short spatula flexible start stirring the liquid in a wide spatula. Others who may share this opinion include Google.

Mix thoroughly two compounds that would mix well. If the coating starts to crawl on surface – do not worry and do not fuss – a short sharp spatula press down the base to the surface of a wide spatula, putty and shovel; upside and clean putty on a wide spatula. It turns compact ball fillings, from which it is very convenient to take a little to work with. When you face the challenge to align the hole on the surface of the body, take a spatula and the right amount of fillings, from the beginning of bodywork deepening until the end stretch spatula with a liquid material as many times as you see fit. (Do not forget that the first, to clean up any surface from gloss, fine-grained sandpaper.) When the coating on the metal begins to freeze, it freezes and a spatula. Thoroughly clean the trowel with a knife at her with water. And, further, lies a secret, not knowing that, even many experienced craftsmen spend a lot of time.

After drying on the surface of the body, the excess putty vyshkurivayut layer and bands. Practice shows that the skin surface can be up to infinity, stretched, vyshkuril, then I noticed that too hard (did well), do new batch, stretches layer waiting until dry – vyshkurivaesh. Leaves plenty of time! Do not spend too much time to process, helps the proven 'method for the initial cut. " Once placed on the surface layer of putty – you need to wait a bit. Crystallization filler will reach up to the border states – not the liquid but not solid, as well as supple rubber – in this state, the large surpluses on the surface of the body, can be carefully cut with a sharp knife or the edge of a spatula. Thus, the preparation of the whole body is faster.

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