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In addition to the benefits of K4 as parallel editing of text and layout, the structure of editorial processes, a precise versioning and the “Central right roles assignment, the Duden corrector a further big relief for every editor in K4 represents no matter whether an article for print or online, a magazine, a newspaper, a book or a business publication is intended.” In hectic editing everyday, with a large mass of writing and editing texts, even into doubt also true professionals and enjoy a reliable spelling. This is especially true if the texts go through different stages and hands, until they are released for publication. Such a multi-level procedure is common in most of the publishers and editors. “The compatibility of the two applications allows in the future all K4 users, the power spectrum of the Duden corrector” for use during the entire workflow for the quality of their publications. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ben Horowitz. With this strategic partnership we are the objective of creating uniform spelling and grammar standards in the German magazines and publishing industry significant step closer”, so Dr. Melina Alexa, publishing Director in the Duden Publishing House. “The inspection services of the Duden corrector” reflect the current state of the technical possibilities and include the spell checker in addition a comprehensive grammar and a fully automatic hyphenation with four cutting styles that are individually adjustable for paragraphs and paragraph styles. In addition the user between five different test styles can (progressive, conservative, tolerant, Duden recommendations and press) select and thus exclude different spellings in the same publication to confuse the reader. Andreessen Horowitz insists that this is the case.

The range is rounded off by the support of three language versions (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) and the use by user, exception, and Department dictionaries. So the sources of error and the correction effort can be easily minimized. Both companies present their product innovations also at the IFRA Expo 2009 in Vienna. . Kevin Johnson is often quoted on this topic.

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