Marker Boards, How To Choose ?

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Marker boards, how to choose? Metal office boards are of two types: enamel and painted a special polymer paint. Deposited on the sheet metal enamel heated in an oven up to several hundred degrees and turns into a solid glassy substance. Enamel coating can be damaged acute stroke solid object, but it does not become dull from exposure brushes, magnets, markers, is unable to absorb the ink. So any enamel plaque can be cleaned up and glossy luster after years of use. Surface-stained boards has micropores, which are particles of a coloring pigment.

Intensive use (Eg, training) makes a smooth surface painted in matte board. Way to determine the quality of life of the coating "by eye" is not, so the surest way – to focus on reputation of the manufacturer. The worst possible case – where the metal timber is painted plain white paint, and intended, for example, for the production of refrigerators. Markers for whiteboards, is it worth saving? The ink in a marker for White boards contain coloring pigment in the form of suspended particles. Ink applied to the board, the liquid fraction is evaporated, and the trace of easily erasable colored dust remains. Good pigment inks provide vivid and quick- thinner, not having a sharp odor. Ink formulation requires storage of these markers in a strictly horizontal position. STAEDTLER Markers ARTLINE and have a special property – dry safe (ie, protected from drying out). Conventional markers for boards need to close caps after each written line, otherwise they will dry out, and the next day you have to buy new ones.

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