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Posted by Ralf on January 24th, 2016 — Posted in News


Of the many companies that manufacture accessories for leisure, sport and tourism, the company Nike has perhaps the widest range of various products. Today I want to tell you about backpacks for the city, but rather on model of urban backpack Steel City 35" from Nike acg. This model is most suited to me as a resident of the metropolis. Backpack originally designed for active recreation, but it is quite interesting "widgets" for which I fell in love with him and I consider him a true urban backpack. So: Side zipper. Additional information at Caterpillar supports this article. How many have you seen a backpack that apart from the traditional top flap on the rope buckle, would have more and side zipper? It's damn handy feature. Sometimes I just infuriates, open the backpack from the top and look for something that lies at its very bottom. On a side zipper, this issue has been resolved once and for all.

I can get out of the bag, his favorite player, in seconds, even if a backpack full of packed, my things. I am so pleased this decision, now that I side zipper backpack use as primary. The city is much more convenient. The retro-reflectors. Yes, someone will say that the reflective insert for backpacks not a novelty. All true. But only on the other backpacks, these inserts, one way or another had to enter into the design of the backpack.

In the model of Steel City 35" you will not see any "reflectors." Happy is the usual urban backpack military style without a single reflective inserts. And only in the dark, its fabric, begins to reflect directed light. Cool is not it? Design. The backpack is very similar to a backpack army. All fans of military paraphernalia, it's taste.

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