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Loans provide up to 25-30 years with a right of early redemption. It is imperative insurance apartments, and many banks and credit life insurance. In order for you to "okreditovali" need to provide a number of documents: an income statement (in Russian or Ukrainian), the declaration of the tax identification code, confirm that in Ukraine there is some kind of housing, property, securities, etc. So, in the credit real estate often take when they want to buy something big and do not have enough money or people do not want to take out money from their business turnover. Sometimes a buyer does not want to show your income law enforcement agencies. For even more opinions, read materials from Howard Schultz. But in any case, the loan in Spain, as we see, much less our own.

Therefore, if good sense, then buy on credit property in Spain is more profitable, and safer than in Ukraine. If your purpose – investment, here the choice of more than evident. – How much time can be a buyer of Spanish real estate in this country? – Every homeowner in Spain and his family are entitled to a one-year Schengen multivisa, through which you can be in any of the countries of the Schengen zone to 180 days per year in any breakdown, but no more than 90 consecutive days. And significantly, this visa from all Schengen countries only gives Spain. These visas are indisputably renewed every year until the person has property in this country. Sometimes even such incidents occur: a person buys a villa in Nice, but go there often can not – do not give visas.

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