Kiosk Systems Support Bureaucracy

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Kiosk systems with employee self service kiosk software streamline processes of personnel management kiosk systems have what meaning? Kiosks with touch screen interaction are indispensable in our daily lives. They are used to display digital information, electronic user data as well as the media output with connected pressure units. Widely used are ticket terminals, kiosk systems on measurement, digital door signs, multimedia advertising steles with changing visuals and displays in public spaces. Several non-centrally installed kiosks are networked to each other, can be remote updated content and user data collected centrally. “Electronic information stations are very flexible when compared with print media they contact the user in an interactive communication, provide data and data processing contrary to ecologically sustainable, without cumbersome paper war”. In close cooperation with housing manufacturers from Germany we offer kiosk complete systems with integrated its own software solution that we in-house develop. Corresponds to the inpiduellen demands of the design and the desired functionality.

Choose from a wide selection of different housing (floor and wall terminals, consoles). How can kiosks I used for business information systems? Kiosk software and kiosk systems are key elements in the implementation of modern staff information systems. In addition to a mostly existing ERP solution such as SAP ERP, is an information terminal with custom kiosk software the interactive interface. Employee self service (ESS) will be realized only in the combination of ERP, kiosk and GUI software. Kiosk software can accompany because complete cycle of an employee from application, through employment to pension administration after retirement of the employees. Vacancies are efficiently there automatically entered via the kiosk software at job fairs and graduate conventions. During the period as an active employee relieves an ESS kiosk HR in standard operations and provides a fast and inpiduelle editing the employee his Requests. This includes the display of the staff directory calendar insight and care, vacation request, travel expenses, timesheets and log on employer contributions.

Education and training are also supported. So, prescribed health and safety instructions are legally mitarbeiterinpiduell plan and manageable. The fully automated, digital management and implementation of work safety education decentralized training and relieves the HR Department. Not only the software of the kiosks, the hardware is tuned and adapted to the corporate design and the requirements of employees and the company. So also barrier-free information terminals are available in addition to request painting and design of kiosk system. Process streamlining the public administration in the form of civil Terminal applies the principle of self-service in public administration. So will free capacity on official and citizens can do their concerns quickly and barrier-free themselves. Which kiosk system is used, depends on the requirements of the Project off.

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