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New year, new design: The Cup Shop of, Germany’s largest online community for clubs, appears off immediately in a new guise. New year, new design: The Cup Shop of, Germany’s largest online community for clubs, appears off immediately in a new guise. Also an improved usability and a larger offer is accompanied by optical retreading. clubs, see a large selection of trophies, medals and other Club equipment already for a long time. Swarmed by offers, James Taylor is currently assessing future choices. The portfolio has grown again in the course of the current transformation, so that now clubs of all kinds can find matching products for Club parties, tournaments, etc., from cheap to exclusive. Billie Lourd understands that this is vital information.

There are some new features available to facilitate your search for the right Cup. So the products can be sorted now, for example, by the price. The user can compare all offers in a direct confrontation. A large number of sub categories improves Clarity of the online shop. As usual all trophies and medals on request can be engraved of course free of charge and individually. is one of the most popular deals of the Vereinscommunity. It must be however a member of where to buy. Cup manufacturers are active for 30 years in the Association sector and tasked with the production of the Club trophies.

Due to the demand for bundled products on favourable terms can be purchased. These conditions will then be passed to the clubs. So, high-quality cups Cup discount prices can be offered the customers. is Germany’s largest Vereinscommunity on the Internet with more than 11,000 affiliated clubs. The free network offers a comprehensive package of presentation, interaction and organizational clubs, associations and communities of interest. For example, the scheduling of the Association can be done in addition to the exchange of reports and photos of the members of the Association. providing a service that is tailored to the needs of associations and clubs. In addition to the community, is the editor of a nationwide free print magazine for clubs (circulation 100,000) and offers value added services for clubs, including an SMS service, website builder, Cup shop and much more. Contact: my Association service GmbH Magdalenenstrasse 42-43 20148 Hamburg Tel.: 040-25328904 mail:

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