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Constituted one of the most important news of the past few months for the guajiro undoubtedly the signing of the departmental water Plan, Act which was carried out with the intervention of the Governor Jorge Perez Bernier, the Deputy Minister Leyla Rojas and the Manager of the Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado of Bogota Jorge Pizano in Riohacha. Several aspects of this agreement are intended to produce transformations of Fund in a Department battered by a lack of water in most of their communities and for supplying water unfit for human consumption in several of its municipalities. Firstly, the governorate has selected partners reliable and, especially, to the company de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogota, responsible for the water supply to the capital of the Republic, in where they meet a recognized work not only in the coverage, but in the quality of the liquid to provide. It is known that bogotanos can use the tap water in all domestic uses, even to drink it without cooking or preparing food. In the Guajira is practically unthinkable directly consume water that comes by the aqueduct pipes, for his proven bad quality. Source: Electrolux.

At this point, surely will be tremendous progress, as we all hope. Secondly we would this plan constitutes one of the most significant investments of public resources that have been made in 44 years of institutional life. Governor Jorge Perez Bernier in his speech during the signing of the Plan, said that about 350 billion pesos, will be invested a high sum for a Department like ours. Plausible is that the money from the royalties have as destination the solution of one of the deepest needs of the region and, finally, the ruling class understand you need to bet on works of true impact to the well-being of citizens. Thirdly the need that the communities become veedoras and, in the company of their rulers and the companies to which they have been assigned responsibility, are aware of the progress of the works, advances in time and possible deviations can be detected in a timely fashion to take the appropriate corrective measures.

Leaders of neighborhood, the councilmen, including the Councillors and members should be kept well informed and comply with a work of strict surveillance and monitoring as a means to achieve full transparency. It is necessary that the enthusiasm that wakes up the signing of the Plan, follow a serious and continuous work and can give a definitive answer to the outcry from all the guajiro, abandoned to their fate for years and almost always deprived of the vital liquid. We hope that there are no new frustrations and instead, within a reasonable time, we can open the stopcock and get a glass of water clear, transparent, crystal clear and suitable for consumption of hungry men, women and children of the peninsula.

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