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It is possible that its latest manifestations should associate with George W. Bush. The geoeconomics apparently began as a subdivision of geopolitics and is attributed to the American Edward Luttwak and French Pascal Lorot. It is the specification of the study on space, time and the policy resources and economies. It seeks to describe the new rivalry between the States.

Enter the markets replaces the landings of troops and armaments. There are new forms of power, above the borders are the networks, some that do not respond to the classic definition of war given that competition and collaboration can go joints. Appears the notion of economic security where the domain of the information flow becomes critical because it determines the economic feat and the defense of employment. Now what legitimate power is the ability to transmit a message from one point to another (Jacqueline Russ) to manage thus the clutter (all power makes it). Geopolitics as a geographical dimension of foreign policy or geoeconomics as a new branch or as a substitute, the truth is that academics 167f in a discussion that does not interest us. It is true that scenario disappeared the conception that the power of a State was closely related to the physical, economic, environmental and geographic resources.

There are however nostalgic authors returning on the conception of geopolitics and others as Tuathail Gearoid (do At the end of Geopolitcs?) or those who speak of the new geopolitics, with interesting contributions, such as French Ives Lacoste (geopolitique. La longue histoire d Aujourd’hui huiy De geopolitique aux Paysages. Dictionnaire de la Geographie), or simply focus on qualifying the geoeconomics as a third branch of geopolitics, as John O Loughlin (dictionary of geopolitics). We can say yes that you devalued the importance of territorial space in political decision-making. One of the keys to a look from the geo-economics is that Western countries say yes to foreign capital but not their emigrants and that Western domination over the world has entered a prolonged decline. The Arab and Asian capitals intermingle in North American, and European companies while the BRIC achieved prominence. In addition, enters the scene you ecopolitica, with philosophical variants and administrative praxis. There are conflicts between man and nature, which we can summarize by saying that it breaks with the schema hierarchy and domination of man and end in itself of the nature to consider the necessity of a political society in harmony with the environment. The crisis is obvious environmental, which has had demonstration expressed in the formation of numerous political parties called Greens. Although the expression ecopolitica could send us some 19th century author is late 20th and early 21st when it is endowed with a firm body and holistic to be integrated with the social.

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