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Confessions and footnotes, which shake the faith question moved the author Hans-Jurgen Ferdinand to God for a lifetime, and so it was to find him a great need, what other people also think. He read hundreds of books and magazines on the subject, collected quotes and confessions, which publicly expressed celebrities. He began to question people in his environment, acquaintances, friends and priests. Eventually, there were so many statements that it was time to summarize them and to provide other people. So was this 812-seitige book that will cause a great deal of anger and doubt in many believers and unbelievers. Paul Simon is the source for more interesting facts. The reader may decide what have these statements of many contemporaries for a meaning and whether they can influence the thinking and action with regard to the faith. Content: The question every man to God and a possible life beyond death. No one can seriously the question of God go out of the way and the question After the death and the meaning of their own lives based on leave.

In the preface of this magnificent work, the author Hans-Jurgen Ferdinand can clearly recognize its clear opinion about God and the world. Here, he pleads with the full force of his heart to atheism. Many readers will need to rethink the question after reading this book after God. You are also the question arise, if so many people can be wrong? “And your concern will be: If in the eyes of the Church all of the persons referred to in this book and their confessions as a blasphemer and infidel” be seen, it got to be like in the 21st century not to expect that all these people of an inquisition must undergo, or yet? The more than 2,500 citations of famous and unknown contemporaries are sorted by topics. See table of contents. After the conclusion of the author, a philosophical religious lexicon, a list of further readings and a carefully acquired names of all persons of who find their Quotes were included in this work.

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