Ecumenical Citizenship

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The LBV is making school registration for the program of esportivas activities offered by the institution that has available 100 vacant in the etria band of 12 the 17 years with practical of masculine and feminine soccer, voli and recreation. Horria load: two hours of trainings, two times in the week being able to be second and fourth or tera and fifth, all being locked up with the snack so that the young can restitute the energies. The Program offers: Gratuitous uniform. Program: Space of Convivncia? Adolescents and Young Description: One consists in a space of convivncia, formation for the Ecumenical Citizenship and the participation, aiming at the development of the protagonism and the autonomy of adolescents and young, from interests, demands and potentialities. Form of planned social intervention that creates challenging situations, stimulates and guides the users in the construction and individual and collective reconstruction of its histories and experiences, in the family and the territory. It contributes for permanence of the same ones in the school and also for the general formation for the world of the work, guiding how much to the professional choice. The activities aim at to develop general abilities, such as the communicative capacity, the reinforcement of the interpersonal and intergeracionais bonds, and approach the questions excellent of this etria band, contributing for the construction of new knowledge and formation of attitudes and values that they reflect in the integral development of the user, by means of socioeducativas activities, of the art-culture, the sport-leisure and of the valuation of the lived experiences that constitute privileged forms of expression, interaction and social protection. The interventions value the plurality and the singularity of the adolescent and youthful condition and its particular forms of sociability; the rights create access chances; they stimulate practical associative and the different forms of expression of the interests, positionings and vises of world in the public space and sensetize for the confrontation of the challenges of the social, cultural, ambient reality and social environment politics of its. More Information: 18-3631 0797 or if to direct the reception of the LBV that is in the R: Alziro Zarur, 30 Jd.Guanabara.

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