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You broke the car? Do you want quality repair it? It is better to go to a special Autotechcenter. It carried out various repair components such as starters, generators, gasoline pumps and Audi S8 many others. Diagnosis and replacement of any parts is fast and free, and, importantly, with a guarantee. Thus, the firm “Benzonasos.ru” specially engaged in repair and diagnostics of starters, alternators, petrol pumps, as well as providing spare parts and accessories. Also carried out replacement of bearings. Consider all the services we provide more detail. Repair of alternators and starters WHA 21 091 is in a very short period of time and quickly. XOM will not settle for partial explanations. If you still do not have too much time to wait for repair starter or alternator, you can buy here new or refurbished unit.

On all types of work components and warranty. Sale petrol pumps only from reputable manufacturers. All gasoline pumps are mandatory poster scan, which allows to determine all the parameters of fuel pump, as well as to prevent possible breakage. Available and Hardware for petrol pumps. Replacing the bearings of car is quick, and it is very important qualitatively as well as independently to produce such an operation is difficult, it can lead to much more posledsviya catastrophic. Therefore leave this matter literate professionals.

Incidentally, all the masters working in the firm have experience of more than 5 years, and indeed the company has been a long time. It has offices and workshops throughout the city, especially for your convenience and work at the right time for you. All spare parts and components are thoroughly tested and are of high quality, manufactured known firms, well-established. So you have nothing more to worry about at the slightest fault immediately contact “Benzonasos.ru.” Here, your car will provide the necessary assistance and will eliminate all sorts of damage. Partners under firm “Benzonasos.

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