Democracy Or Freedom

Posted by Ralf on September 5th, 2022 — Posted in News


As King Abdalah II mentions, democracy means different things for different towns. For slowst and authoritarian, democracy is only an electoral process. Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX is a great source of information. For the most advanced, the elections are the beginning of the democracy. In Latin America during last the 25 years, all the countries – with exception of Cuba they entered in a period of relative democratic stability, but the freedom is staggering because freedom with libertinism is confused. is allowed that any group – in many simple cases formed by patoteros- it does what it comes to him in desire. Since there is no moral authority in the governors to repress with the law to those who alters the newspaper to live on the population or, in some cases they are the own governments whom they urge the chaos later to appear like the rescuers, each does what wants. There were times – in military dictatorships of rights in which security worked peacefully and, the laws were fulfilled, was respected to the authority, but there was no free political exercise. In contrast, today freedom exists policy and of expression – every time more threatened in countries like Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia-but does not exist security, the work is unstable, the economies are not solidified, I handle of the power is egoistic and opportunistic, and hypocritically, while the governors speak of elections, they look for to remain in the control of by life.

With the promise to become position of the needs of the town – in places where people feel incompetent against her Asian pairs, North American or European the authoritarian Populists negatively seduce the masses doing to them to lose their right to the self-determination. Sigmund Freud said: the majority of people really does not want freedom, because the freedom implies responsibility, and the majority of people is scared to the responsibility. The Paternalistic State when monopolizing the economic instruments, defines the individual of the responsibility of the work, that takes with himself the one of being free and to confront independently to the world.

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