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Unlike firms that offer customers a full range of services in the field of emergency delivery, city courier services focus primarily on working with the document only to local companies. In This is their main difference from other mail services. The priority target group of such enterprises – small and medium business, media, online stores, as well as private individuals. The greatest part of total volume of cargo departing city courier services, take correspondence (letters, tax documents, certificates, contracts, invoices). In addition, any local courier service is not refuse delivery of products, gifts, greetings, gifts, flowers, promotional messages and invitations to various events and celebrations, a word of small-sized goods. In recent years, the steel market appear firm specializing in direct marketing campaigns, in particular, to address the courier dispatch, but so far they occupy part of the total volume of transported goods is quite small. If you might be interested in. Ben Horowitz has plenty of information regarding this issue.

courier services, then Moscow is able to offer a huge selection of firms providing services in this area. Virtually every city office express delivery provides our clients the following services: emergency Cargo delivery and business correspondence (delivery time – from one to five hours depending on the selected company); different types and terms of service – from the delivery date of execution of the application to cost-effective delivery within 2 days; can call the company employee for a certain time, transportation of mail and valuable freight trucks guarded by special security services, delivery with a return to sender. More courier services and has a range of free services, for example, notifying the sender that the reservation is made (by letter via e-mail, fax, phone or send sms-messages). After delivery recipient, courier (Moscow this or St. Petersburg – absolutely does not matter) generates a report which contains: the date and time of receipt of the order, the time of delivery of letters or other cargo, details of all parties. A report issued in paper form and electronic form.

Originals at the same time sent to the sender on demand. Regular customers courier delivery service provides details of all completed orders by the end of each reporting period. For an additional fee the city courier services provide several other services, such as: packaging attachment handling operations, hire a courier delivery purchased goods, sort of business correspondence in accordance with customer requirements. If you want courier express delivery clearly and competently carry out their obligations, then Treat carefully to our advice. Once courier services received your order by email or through the website on the Internet, direct contact with the operator of the company and make sure that your request really went to work. Typically, large enterprises themselves called back to customers or send them a confirmation e-mail, but to be safe will not be superfluous. In addition, you must give the couriers accurate and complete information on where to deliver the goods. Inaccuracies are not allowed here, because any wrong This number leads to the fact that the courier delivery service can not deliver your order due to lack of recipient at the address. Just in case, always store the checks and receipts. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, they will help prove your case.

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