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One audit firm decided to implement an office move on their own. The result: office furniture has been partially disassembled, but gather it was not already on the table for negotiations, crack and lost part of the documentation. Besides the Chief Accountant bruised finger and a focal point – stretching back. And so the question arises: 'Why work is not considered a qualified movers?'. On the professional longshoreman stereotype as a low and unworthy, but at the same time, the loader – a very high demand profession. Transport companies of all types use the services of professional movers.

In the world of work, tens of millions of members of the profession in different countries There are a number of trade union obedenieny longshoremen. At one time, Odessa movers called "thumbnail The Drayman" and were widely known in Russia that have been merged into a union and protect its interests. Loader – one of the most sought-after professions in the world, which uses physical force people to perform simple and complex business operations: loading, unloading, turning over, packing, lifting heavy loads (200-1000kg). Sometimes also devices are used to facilitate the heavy physical labor. Depending on the version of the loading-unloading works loaders use the following tools and equipment: winches, Rockleigh, belts, ropes, cables, Hooks and packaging materials: cardboard, boxes, tape, scotch tape, paper. Job title comes from the word load (weight). Profession porter carries a constant muscular work, which often leads to diseases of the joints, stretching muscles and tendons. In addition to the work of longshoremen severe psychological stress and various injuries.

Baggage handlers must follow a healthy lifestyle. That is why the level of physical health and Stamina has to be above average, but it is possible to approximate fit. It is also desirable high growth to reduce the effort at work. It is the responsibility of loaders, riggers include: loading and unloading heavy or bulky cargo delivery, installation, erection and dismantling of equipment, movement of various cargoes in remote places. Mistake to assume that the movers do not need any as porters have to carefully count not only strength but also options for stowage. Professional loader – a specialist able to assemble and disassemble office furniture, know the features packaging to transport goods quickly calculate the best route of action for handling and to ensure maximum safety. Work longshoreman simple at first glance. After even physically prepared person is not simply to perform twice and handling of food, building materials, furniture, and even more safe transportation of 500 kg or trainer. With respect to carriage piano (piano, piano) is something wrong loading and unloading work, not only can undermine physical health because of an incorrect calculation of exercise and lack of necessary loading and unloading devices, but also cause irreparable damage to the mechanics and the resonating surfaces tool. So it is better not to experiment with their health (and friends) and stored in Order nerves and transported property, resorting to the services of professionals. Although, of course, everyone decides for himself how to count their financial or physical risks in such a responsible matter as the apartment, cottage or office relocation.

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