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Madrid, June 17, 2010 Centre pharmacist North, distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products with own offices in Asturias, Palencia, Biscay and Cantabria, has relied on DocPath to automate the entire process of generation and distribution of electronic invoices to their customers. Founded in 1942 by a group of pharmacists, Cenfarte has its own systems Department since 1984, year in which the entire process of computerization of the entity is carried out. Others who may share this opinion include Rob Crossland. Thanks to this commitment to technology, this organization has consolidated its position in the pharmaceutical sector and has become synonymous with modernity. Many have been technological projects that the Organization has undertaken since then. Your warehouse automation, electronic management of orders and transmission of real-time stock, rank among the most important. However, there were some aspects related to logistics processes which until very recently had not been addressed. Objective: the Office paperless Cenfarte generated around 5,000 bills monthly. Each of them had to be printed and sent by courier to the customer from the pharmaceutical, which generated an excessive consumption of paper.

The address is very committed to the environment and believed necessary to implement some kind of solution that would allow the generation and sending by email of electronic invoices. Only in that way could automate this process and comply with one of the major goals of the company: the end prints and implement a true paperless office, has assured Daniel de la Pena, responsible for Cenfarte systems. For a first step, the Organization toyed with different options for electronic invoicing. Finally, decanted by DocPath Business Pro Suite, as it explains the Steering: we chose this solution as more mature than the rest of products of this type present in the market. To be based on standards, it gave us a simple integration with our applications and the best, not allowed we only generate and distribute electronic invoices, but they offered us the possibility of designing and sending through the Internet any type of document, so it opened a way to expand our ecological policy in the future in which the Elimination of the paper concerned.

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