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With the above I say: for succeed with the law of attraction, unlike what us were instilling of different religions should not be a poor idiot who does not defend against the attack of others; After all the big winners, at least the vast majority, are those who sampled personality and attitude in their actions. In other words, one can defend itself when the situation so indicates; But what one if you should do then is wish with the spirit good to that other person, as well as competition and any person that crosses our path even when we do not know it. Then returning to the examples that I experienced personally, I will give three of them, who were so far brought me economic advantages. I am referring to those referred to in articles titled:-the view of the Eagle (where you want the good to my enemy) – give to receive (where quit e-book to my gains in my book) and the third which is this article, where I spoke well of my competition. And what was the benefit of which I speak?. Therefore in the three cases (I have real estate) because of my default actions indicated in the three articles, people came to buy a property as a direct result of the facts narrated in each post.

With a striking peculiarity. My first action brought its benefit at three days (without reading that article will see that it is no coincidence). While my second action (give to receive) brought my prize a few hours have uploaded my article to the Web. And finally; This post was still not written though if decided in my mind, when I received my award three days before publishing the same (which is when I materialice my action). What do I mean by that?.

In all three cases I have done actions thinking of others; and as demonstrating the evolution in my learning, the awards he would receive were ahead in time. So is the first received it three days after doing my job right, the second a few hours and the third is pay me in advance. Now you tell me, but ultimately you already a millionaire?. And I must answer: not yet, but the teaching I received show me which is the address of that road to travel; I guess by the research I’ve done so far, that perseverance and faith are the fuel that make us go this way until our desired goal. If you want to know more about the law of attraction and access a directory with the best links books and articles dealing with the law of attraction and quantum physics you can enter for free from sea of the Plata, Argentina, towards everyone, Walter Daniel Genga.

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