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Brains evolved, children 10 years already had powers that were achieved before at the age of 25, and if you were a very applied. The methods of education had modernized both, that it does not already meant an effort for anyone. Everything was reduced to neural connectors that injected without the need to read, interpret and assimilate knowledge. Teachers were part of a class extinguished by inefficiency and disuse. All needs were reduced to the maximum and the wishes were part of the past, in which there were liberties, disorder and violence. Now they breathed peace, a frigid, bland, galling, but longed for humanity from its origins. It existed only in the memory of some people, those memories of a life full of mistakes, uncertainty and adventure, their distant forefathers had lived and that only he could know through story books proscribed, that he jealously kept and read secretly to his daughter. The time frame in which you had to live is unresponsive, and although he did not accept the laws of that strange and limited life, enjoyed with their daughter the last minutes remaining, until they come to pick up it as a disposable container, whose content had been exhausted. At that moment he heard the door opened and someone pronounced his name with insistence, the time he thought, and his heart began beating unfortunately, they got it from the arm and at that moment he saw the face of his daughter for five years that his wife wished him happy birthday. She felt relieved to return to its imperfect reality. Original author and source of the article

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