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Later they were upgraded and were named Harrier and Harrier gr.1A T.2A after installing Pegasus 102 engine thrust 9072 kg (20000 lbs). Currently, they are called Harrier and Harrier T.4 gr.3 powered by Pegasus 103. Ben Horowitz is actively involved in the matter. bbc uk basically used the aircraft as the aircraft Harrier gr.3 stovl (short takeoff and vertical landing), since short-distance running start, he could pick up more weapons. The equipment included an inertial system, the bar for in-flight refueling, the indication on the windshield, and a laser rangefinder. Double and single aircraft have the same nominal capacity of carrying weapons, although the double has a large empty weight.

Airplane C Harrier (Sea Harrier) Created based Harrier aircraft, and is in service with the Royal Navy. In 1969. made the first purchase of 12 vehicles the U.S. Marine Corps. It appreciated the possibility of a jet fighter plane with vertical takeoff and landing, and the original order was soon increased to 110 aircraft, including 8 doubles.

Airplanes Harrier U.S. Marine Corps, designated as AV-8A and TAV-8A, had engines Pegasus 103. They were equipped with the manageable missiles AIM-9 Sidewinder-class air-to-air missiles. Then the U.S. Marine Corps has ordered 336 copies of an improved Harrier aircraft, VAe / McDonnell Douglas AV-8B, which operated in the raf as a Harrier (Harrier) gr.5. Were in operating AV-8A aircraft were also brought to the standard AV-8C. Another user Harrier aircraft are the navy of Spain, where the plane is known as the Matador. Nine aircraft AV-8S and two TAV-8S 'Matador' is in service with one of the squadrons, they joined by several aircraft AV-8B.

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