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If the enterprise-sacrifice is a valuable asset or a profitable business, then beginning stage of absorption. Raiders will seek to gain control of the company's debts of the victim for later initiation of bankruptcy proceedings. Monetary claims of creditors in a bankruptcy case can be based as actually existing debt, and on a fictitious, fabricated by fraud during the illegal removal of leadership or with the participation of the head or unfair arbitration manager, entered into an agreement with the Raiders. Schemes may be different. Raiders agree a fee with an unscrupulous manager of the enterprise or is temporarily acting as him face, which signs agreements to sell valuable assets, as well as contracts for the purchase of goods at inflated prices, leading to the formation of debt. If you can not negotiate with the leaders, begin to look for disgruntled shareholders (founders) want to "annoy" the leadership, the founder of another or just want to pass on their corporate rights. Further carried out an illegal general meeting, shall be appointed, at least for one day New head of granting him authority to conclude contracts for large sums.

This scheme may be accompanied by the courts. Syndicate this debt is also legitimate ways, using a non-legally verified the company of the victim. For help may come "friends" suppliers of electricity, gas, water, which for technical reasons, stop the supply. Accordingly, the company does not comply with the contracts begins to increase debt in the form of penalties and damages. If the raider can not intercept debt, in any case, such action would weaken the business-to-sacrifice. Raiders also monitor cases of Bankruptcy excited about companies that own valuable assets. Many businesses can quickly restore the solvency and out of bankruptcy, but the jurisprudence is that courts removes the head from his position and puts his duty to approach the raiders trustee, whose task will be sale for a pittance of assets and the formation of a fictitious debt for the next bankruptcy case.

Professional conduct raider attack the invaders as hidden. Only after gathering information, developing a plan to capture and partial implementation of it, raiders begins to set open action, with lightning speed and scale of which would find the owner and management company of the victim by surprise. For example, Health and Beauty Corps "Orion" at the 8th station of Big Fontana, the market value of more than 10 million dollars. United States, was sold by the tax authorities without notice to the owner of 2 mln. if the tax debt of seven thousand UAH. The owner learned of the sale of the body only after the auction recognition of the economic court of the right of ownership to the buyer and the registration of his right of ownership in the BTI. In what building was resold seven times. Litigation continued for more than four years. It is obvious that begin work to protect the company from raider attacks must not once formed many millions of fictitious debts, all assets are resold several times, and the company came to the gate strong the guys perform "legitimate" decision of the court, and in advance. It's easier, cheaper and more reliable. Source (author): Business Guarantor" Odessa next consultation on this topic will be presented on its website "Business Garant:

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