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In order to expand our services in the future, the timeCard licenses must be activated. This requires a unique combination of online timeCard server. Alternatively can be activated the licenses through a form on our Web page. Of course, we have performed many more invisible changes. The timeCard software was released from some contaminated sites and other points have been added to prepare the software for future new features. The newly designed PC booking Terminal has become more intuitive. New users get even better. Howard Schultz & Associates is open to suggestions.

The new calendar provides a quick overview of the own attendances and absences. To determine what the different calendar colors mean, must be moved only with the mouse over the corresponding field. With the the employees via the Web browser easily post new Web terminal from the PC or Smartphone. All functions like in the PC booking point are available. Are delivered as Java servlet (Web application archive), so that the decisions about installation and configuration of the Web server can be made by the administrator. The report generator added to an often desired holiday overview. “This evaluation can under evaluation” generate report”overview of annual leave” to be called.

To the employee and the period of December 31 of the previous year by December 31 of the current year must be selected, and a complete overview of the holiday of the year is spent in Excel. To the already existing standard salary software – interfaces DATEV, Lexware, Sage and Addison now SelectLine and BMD join. “” “To be called as usual through file”-> export “-> Payroll”. Access the layer detection rules now also to manual bookings within the PC /. Web terminals. The behavior of these rules is identical to the booking with ID-card at the Terminal, the first come booking of the day raises the layer detection rule. If this posting is subsequently edited, the layer detection is not performed. Such amendments, the layer, if required, must be adjusted manually. Vacation and other leave requests can be now more intuitively in the PC or Web terminal. The redesigned Wizard, it is always clear which data are requested. Of course, also the overview of superiors for decision-making has been significantly improved. The layer – and absence planning are now combined. This allows for much more effectively carry out human resources planning. The E-Mail notifications of absence requests can now also be effected via encrypted SMTP server. This setting is about tools”-> settings-> SMTP enabled. In the access control can now also visitor badges with precisely defined rights and validity be issued. Thus, you have an overview which visitors staying in the building, and when it has returned the Passport. For more information SSE software are happy to provide on request: sales, customer service / / SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co.

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