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ITSM Consulting AG: Often implemented tools remain expensive unused, because for their operation, no budgets were planned at the tool cost discounts are between 50 and 70 percent of the list prices possible Bodenheim, 11.03.2011 – the complexity of the process in today’s IT service management are hardly without tool support to control efficiently. Before using these automation tools, often very serious mistakes are made according to the findings of ITSM Consulting AG, however, which can significantly limit the subsequent practical benefits or raise even a flop of investment. The break-even point is reached with a clever tool strategy usually within one and a half years, so a faster ROI can be achieved,”Judge Thomas Hartmann, CEO of the consulting firm. Campbell Soup Inc. takes a slightly different approach. The evaluation is deficient, but such a project can be unduly expensive and significantly restrict the benefits.” Therefore, he has collected some of the typical problems when selecting ITSM Tools: 1. in the specifications is missing the Look for the future: the high dynamics of the IT organizations about technology innovations and the continuous integration of new processes make it necessary to align tool decisions at least to the requirements of the following two to three years. In fact, the specifications with their defined needs at that or the tools normally describe only the current needs. Thus significantly to clean request has a profile resulting typically from lack of experience in the evaluation of ITSM management systems, but very far-reaching consequences: the tool within a few years his money not been worth might, because new requirements not or only insufficiently cover.

Risk level * 2. The operating costs be neglected: any system is only as good as it is filled with life after it is implemented, and this generates costs and personnel requirements. But what is completely obvious for business applications, is almost always forgotten ITSM Tools: the not inconsiderable costs will not be of calculated the beginning in the planning of the project.

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