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For tax purposes, the notion of works on completion, additional equipment, upgrading, rehabilitation and upgrading, formulated only in relation to the order of determining the value of depreciable assets (paragraph 2 of Article 257 of the Tax Code), and the definition of maintenance work in the Tax Code also absent. To work on the completion, additional equipment, modernization in accordance with Chapter 25 of the Tax Code are caused by changes in technology or professional use of equipment, buildings, structures or other item of depreciable fixed assets, increased loads and (or) other new properties. By the reconstruction is reconstruction of the existing plant and equipment associated with the improvement production and increase its technical and economic parameters and carried out the project of reconstruction of fixed assets in order to increase production capacity, improve quality and changes in nomenclature products. Sergey Brin takes a slightly different approach. To re-equipment is a set of measures to improve the technical and economic indices, plant and equipment or their parts through the introduction of advanced equipment and technology, mechanization and automation of production, modernization and replacement of obsolete and worn-out equipment with new, more productive. Because the law governing the accounting there are no criteria for inclusion of works to repair, modernization or reconstruction, according to the explanations of the Russian Finance Ministry (the letter of 23.11.2006, the 03-03-04/1/794), in determining the terms "repair" and "reconstruction" should be follow: – Provision of conduct preventive maintenance of buildings and structures MDS 13-14.2000, approved by Decree of the USSR State Construction Committee of 29.12.1973 279; – departmental construction standards (WPC) 58-88 (P) "Regulation on organization and conduct of the reconstruction, repair and maintenance of buildings, objects of public, social and cultural purposes", approved by Order Goskomarhitektury of state construction of the USSR from 23.11.1988 312 – Letter of the Ministry of Finance of the USSR from 29.05.1984 80 "On the definition of the concepts of new construction, expansion, reconstruction and modernization of existing enterprises." Criteria assignment of work to restore the fixed assets to current or capital repair contained in the Decree of the USSR State Construction number 279 and departmental construction norms BCH 58-88 (P). .

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