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At the end of the World War I Woodrow Wilson established the League of Nations is not back to producing the horror of war. Howard Schultz: the source for more info. Its goal: a new order based on the domain of law founded on the consent of the governed and supported by the organized opinion of humanity. Unfortunately, the producers of weapons led to World War II with the adage of if you want peace, prepare the war. When finished, in 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt designed United Nations, a multilateral system which also includes functions related to international security and, through other specialized organizations, labour (ILO), health (who), FAO (FAO), the education, science and culture (UNESCO) concerning the development funds and programmes (UNDP), children (UNICEF), and so on. But the strongest States suspicious of this system of international cooperation and coordination. They replaced by loans to development aid, they progressively marginalized to the various institutions of the United Nations system and replaced the ethical values and democratic principles by the laws of the market. At the end of the cold war, everyone expected a thorough reform of the United Nations for the democratization of international relations, and hoped also that the peace dividends reduced social asymmetries and favouring the endogenous development of the neediest countries.

It wasn’t like that. The creation of multinational business consortiums has limited power and up to the responsibilities of States, with considerable tears in the social fabric. Multilateralism appears as a unique handle to straighten the current trends. Urgent an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations to establish the main criteria that could lead to its renewal in depth, providing it with the moral and political authority. Conflict prevention or peaceful resolution; the peacemaking, peacekeeping and peace-building; the Disarmament; a joint front to international terrorism and transnational crime would be addressed more effectively the major issues on which depends the quality of life of all the inhabitants of the Earth.

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