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For personnel policy in the field meets Vice-Governor Murat Ahedzhak. But the fact of the matter is that in Sochi lists instructed not to shape it. To do it The Kremlin and the province was launched by reference to specific individuals. This is where the problems started. Recently Alphabet sought to clarify these questions. Moderator Sochi Valery Podpovetny, being very experienced and totally loyal to the government apparatchik, was limited in their capabilities.

None of the current elected representatives do not owe their election to him personally. To dismiss a deputy or to order him not to run, he can not. In addition, Sochi – it's a city where neither one representative of the local beau monde can not be "run over" by lawlessness. Punishment followed quickly, and the status will not be considered. The easiest and most desirable for the Kremlin and the regional administration option – it's election by party lists. It's clear that all seats will go to the "United Russia", or it is a couple of "Fair Russia" and the Liberal Democratic Party.

This alignment would allow anyone, with the maximum benefit. It's no secret that much of the seats are sold for big money. At the same time willing to just pay and get a "peel" the MP is more than enough. Half a million dollars for the Sochi deputy mandate, many will easily and immediately. But this option popular chosen not satisfied. It became clear that almost all of them "be thrown" even for the same amount. Version with single-member districts also found no allies among the deputies.

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