Anton Chekhov

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And together with this team make it much easier. Source: Andreessen Horowitz. In spite of the mercantile spirit ideas, we must not forget the words of Anton , who said that the desire to serve the common good, must necessarily be a need for the soul, the condition of personal happiness. Reade Griffith is often mentioned in discussions such as these. But otherwise gift will not carry the positive energy and as a result, not "work out" its purpose – to bring happiness. It is very important to consider that the collective gift can soak up as positive, and covered with bloom negative. With what? And with the fact that often the community has a leader.

Here it is, and sets the theme, he then offers a gift and, in most cases, all helplessly spread its money. There are others who are distancing themselves from team and give, what they want. In turn, it is perceived as a challenge, which also does not lead to good consequences. Very often, friends quarrel is about just such joint gifts and their delivery, because it pays all and proposed, and gives – one, as he would praise. Who does it suit you? In such a difficult case, you must follow the rules of democracy, not authoritarianism. First of all let everyone favors and justify his desire, because making money, everyone wants results and, preferably, pleasant. Is not without debate and discussion, time and dynamics of which will depend on the climate in the team. Make a decision by a vote – because this is not argue.

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