Industrial Revolution

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Only from the Industrial Revolution, that the man, having that to change itself of the field for the city, finished being presenteado with a life of lesser physical activities, what he favors to the sedentarismo of the same. About a century behind, the man started to make use of physical activities with intention to improve each time plus its biopsicossocial condition. In the reality, the return of the physical activities if gave, exactly, for the civilization Greek, carried through who it with the purpose to develop the dexterity, the beauty and the force. Studies show that the health of the human being, of one forms general more, is related directly to the physical activity that the same exerts. The carried through physical activity with regularity is one of the main bases for the maintenance of the health in any age, next to the correct feeding and to the balanced emotional state. Second Rasp (1999) with passing of years, the physical activity has, each time more, represented a factor of quality of life of the human beings, making possible a bigger productivity and better well-being to them. physical Quality and 2.Atividade Aged of Life doubt of that is not had the physical activity contributes significantly for one better quality of life, without restricting this, to the aged people, that is, the physical activity is inherent the all human being.

In accordance with Miranda (2000): ' ' The benefits of the physical activity for the health and longevity intuitivamente are known since the beginning of the times. Demonstrated benefits exist well on some parameters that affect the health and longevity. Some documents already had emphasized the governmental importance of the action of the health professionals and entities in the stimulaton the physical activity, as well as its impact on the health pblica.' ' (MIRANDA; 2000) The term quality of life, by itself, engloba diverse aspects of the life of a person, a time that has in sight, the population in generality.

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