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Photographer who made the decision to air the photographs can then reconsider its decision, using the statutory right of withdrawal. The right to recall can be applied, If a photographer sees his photograph fails, for whatever reasons, as well as in other cases. After the "withdrawn" picture should not be used and generally referred to those of photographer. The right to protection of the reputation of the author – is entitled to protection pictures of any change or distortion: a different cropping, addition or alternatively, "removal" of individual items, adding color, or, conversely, use of color photos as black and white, etc. – All this can be done only with the consent of the photographer. Property rights are the photographer that the photographer has the right to authorize (or prohibit) the use of their photos following methods: reproduction, distribution, public display, the message on television. The law (Article 16) establishes the following property rights: the right of reproduction (copying): for example, in a newspaper magazines, books, on postcards, etc.; the right to distribute copies of photographs (for sale, giveaway, etc.); the right to import (into the territory of Russia) copies of photos (including the book collection photographs and etc.); the right to publicly display (in fotovitrine, at an exhibition of photos, etc.); the right to broadcast on television, including cable; the right of adaptation, ie the shape of the photo. In the seizure of the property Copyright in some directly specified in the law cases, photography may be used freely, ie, without the author's consent and without payment of compensation to him.

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