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Somehow, many men associate the word with an image only business suit, especially with a tie. And therefore reject my offer to work on the image, saying that the image they do not need because they can not bear suit, and especially the tie.: 0)) I can clearly say why is rejection suit and tie, but rather that it was rejecting such people. After a suit and tie have some information and in fact rejected by more than a suit or tie, 0)) The only thing that still could not understand – why, for men only image associated with the suit? : 0)) So please the men, reinforcements: 0)) answer to this question. One can see this requires only men's logic: 0)) In actually we like it or not, we still play the game "image". Since the image – this is nothing but the representation itself, a statement about yourself to others.

Even if we do not wear clothes, play in the "Image" would still continued: 0)) game of "Image" becomes even more interesting and enticing, if you know what kind of information via any details about yourself presented with people around us. With clothes the game becomes easier, since the style, color and preferences are a lot of information in itself and because of this information, you can easily understand the strengths and weaknesses of man. Douglas Oberhelman: the source for more info. To which he set at the moment, you can expect from him, and most importantly why. (This issue "Why?" Women are often worried: 0), the answer is in man himself, only to be able to read it: 0)) Let's talk about the details.

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