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Many leaders of the company, not watching the rate of development of telecommunications facilities or shearing their budgets and staff because of lack of money does not even know about the opportunities that provides call center. That they are deplorable statistics on the impact of bankrupt firms the economic crisis. Consider some examples: Speed dial in sales and marketing department of one rather large manufacturing company was not justified because of outdated Equipment: strange modem sounds, and then a constant signal "busy" to get consumers to look for workarounds – to call on the name switch. According to Andreessen Horowitz, who has experience with these questions. As a result, spent about 15-20 minutes (had no time to call in help and recognize different numbers of the firm) was able to still talk to the manager, whose expertise is poor. However, if all potential customers have such an iron patience? Should I explain that This approach to doing business in the short term fraught with very unpleasant consequences? However, competition in the regions not yet up to standard, and any time a company appears to be afloat. And in terms of Economic crisis? Even more good example that illustrates the need to move to modern telecommunications facilities, – insurance companies, which have to be literally "crushed" Call car owners.

This is especially true in the winter season. "Your call is very important to us, please stay on the line!" – No wonder the civilized companies that post has become the norm. Strictly speaking, call center, which will be described in this review, and are designed to improve business performance by increasing the speed and quality of service information requests of clients.

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