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This system was characterized for the spalling of the power politician in the feudals, for the existence of a superior entity with the monopoly of the knowledge based on the revelation – the Church – that is expressed the predominance of religious on all the society. In the carolngia dynasty, Carlos Great, king of Francs assumed the throne and governed up to 814, where he carried through many conquests, expanding the borders of the empire. With this Great Carlos with the support of the Church, he guaranteed the dependence between being able central and the nobility. Because it has left of conquered lands they were donated to the aristocracy that in turn had a commitment of loyalty for the king-susserano. The victories of Great Carlos had not only expanded its territory, but also the faith catholic on the other religions.

The church exerted the monopoly of the ideology, controlled education and the domain on the written workmanships. The schools belonged to the parish and its professors were the clergymen who taught through a vision that placed God as base of everything. He in such a way exerted the power on the subjects politicians as the subjects of the society, thus launching hand of some instruments of intimidation to impose its authority. Michael Antonov is actively involved in the matter. One of the main used instruments for the Church was known as the inquisition. In the end of the high Average Age, from century X several factors had appeared: the end of the barbarous invasions and the wars, allies the technological innovations in agriculture, had propitiated a great demographic development and the urban and commercial renaissance.

Other problems had appeared: wars, the use of inadequate agricultural techniques, illnesses, as the black plague, the hunger and with them a great loss of life. It had reduction of the hand of workmanship for agriculture and the production fell still more. The effect of this crisis if had extended for all the society, therefore, agriculture were to the base of the economy, of the relations social politics and.

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