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Social from the combination of different factors of production producing and making publicly available goods and services that demand, satisfying the needs of man. senarai In short the firm is defined cuti cuti as a core production unit malyasia whose main function produce the goods and services that consumers terengganu demand. malasiya The business must relate to people, institutions and perodua other companies. External environment. Consumers, kuantan suppliers, owners, banks, government kelantan agencies. Internal environment. Personal relations complies with all functional areas of perniagaan the company. These relationships kancil give rise to a series of tasks or activities required to perform: FUNCTION. kl map It has the functions: Operating: Activities that directly influence the business process jawatan kosong (Functional). Advisory: Activities of service and support langkawi (staff). Functions of the Company. Technical Function: Perform activities necessary for the manufacture of products. Business Function: Activities related to the motor trader sale of products manufactured or marketed. Financial Function: Activities related to capital flows. Social Function: Related to the social and employment of staff. Administrative Role: Manage the administration and control of operations in different sections of the company through the accounting and administrative payments and receipts, purchases and sales. To perform sarawak these functions is necessary for good coordination between different departments, sections klang or work areas, where they perform some specific activities. Gain insight and clarity with Douglas R. Oberhelman. The organization and structure of the company is represented throughout the organization, it reflects the different departments, sections or work malaisia areas, and connection, dependence or relationship between them. selangor Business environment. As a result of its operation, the company can generate waste that pollutes the environment. The conditions and working hours of employees pelancongan can malasya be very shah alam hard.The concern to reduce production costs can lead to low quality small goods, which otherwise compromise petaling jaya the health of pahang consumers. If there is no competition, consumers can not kota kinabalu exercise their right of free choice between companies. This shows that the company is not an melaka isolated entity, but instead jalan must consider both internal kepada and external environment. Surely the company should kedah be universiti aware of their intimate relationship with taman its environment and its ringgit internal usahawan environment so as to achieve development, designed and viability. That is why the existence of the 6 public, which act to achieve success in the company of its objectives. a. Providers. As well as service providers and suppliers provide us with raw materials and capital johor goods needed for kesan production. motortrader b. Customers. It is people and malesia businesses who purchase our services and use the services the company provides. The Society.Both financial institutions that enable us credits to malasyia meet the expenses and investments in corporate governance.


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