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Posted by Ralf on May 12th, 2014 — Posted in News

When you’re planning to launch your first website or you’re amazed that your counter does not move is the time to do a strategy to promote your site to the search engines and visitors, a plan that is based on 5 key which you must perform one before continuing with the next good already said this tell them five keys for the development of the promotion of your website: Site objectives: what are the expectations of the site? This question is usually the objective of your website, in the case of a goal page commercial that must point is the sell enough products or services that become a profitable site. But insurance you want also to educate, inform, and persuade your visitors. An analysis of the objectives of your website is the best place to begin the development of the plan. Once you have goals you want to achieve you must then place them at the front during the development of your strategy of promotion, is of great importance for search engines to understand which is the goal of your page. Market analysis: one of the things that you carry to success is knowing who you are going, what are their needs, how they made decisions that make them buy, importantly to implement a marketing strategy to promote your site in search engines is to know who is your market.

And the best place to learn this is with your competition: use a search engine e.g. google, and searches for sites that have been successful and analysing, this is totally unethical and will be a good guide to what really works. But you can stop you here this is only part of the work while more information can get will be useful during all stages of the design and development of your campaign of promotion, a powerful tool your Web site statistics are, but do not stay only with the number of visits squeezes that data go where you visit, at what timethat page see more site that come from your visitors, search engines, etc.

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