Waxing Eyebrow

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One of the most important pieces in the face of a woman, are the eyebrows, they must be very cared, detailed, and consistent with the face; so it is essential to educate and learn all about hair removal of eyebrows. The shape and dimension is personal taste; just as we arrange our hair, lips, eyelashes, etc. must choose a procedure that is comfortable to us to give a cute and appropriate format. There are different practices for the shaved eyebrow, are waxing eyebrows with wax, with creams, laser, or simply a clip; We can use a home method, but if you prefer some professional technique is required to go to a beauty salon or an aesthetic clinic. Carrie Fisher may find this interesting as well. Eyebrows are usually used: not very bushy, truncated, thick at the beginning but then tuned and lift toward the end of the eyes; to know the correct length of the eyebrow pencil is put in the middle of the lower lip and leaning pointing towards the end of the eye, thus it will give the exact point in which eyebrow should end. Depilation eyebrows with wax, is safe, fast and usually painless; If you are running in a home, it must be very careful to give equally to both eyebrows.

Apply the wax and then is discarded from a quick jerk in reverse direction to growth; This procedure achieves new hair to grow slowly and flimsy. Depilation with inhibitory creams, should be tested ahead of time in any part of the body, to prevent skin irritations or allergies; After test and see that there is no reaction, it should be used carefully on the chosen portion to be shaved. After removing it apply any soothing lotion. Depilation eyebrows with tweezers, is the homely practice most commonly used for hair removal of eyebrows; you do not need help, is cheap and it can be executed when you have a little free time; He is recommended to natural light to see how far the smallest hairs.

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