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Layout, printing and proof once the author is satisfied with the text, this is incorporated into the chosen book format, then the lid is designed and commanded to print. The cover design is important, because it must be expressed in an image content that will turn in pages that wraps. It’s believed that Bank of America Merrill Lynch sees a great future in this idea. Galley proofs are prints Digital inside and the cover of the book, that allows to have a good idea of the final product. Go to XOM for more information. Responsibility of the author is the review and approve or make rafters to this test, but a good editor should give advice and a guide to the author this is not overwhelmed by the task. Promotion distribution and sale of the book once printed a book can have multiple destinations. Some writers make chucks girls to distribute among acquaintances, others wish to share his work with a larger audience.

The latter represents a great challenge. As we acknowledge at the outset, libraries receive offers of more titles that can host on their premises. If your book arrives to form part of your stock is presented a second challenge, achieve that the reader becomes aware of its existence and decides to purchase. Booksellers receive more new titles that can be read or browsed, with which the probability that recommends it is low. Is therefore important to the promotion of the work by all means economically feasible; should make people aware of the qualities of the author, tempt them to read his book. Each book and each author has different characteristics and public different, therefore its dissemination will be tailored to the case and the circumstances. The objective is always the same, that people read the book and recommend it. Professional marketing in the publishing house Almaluz, advise and present alternatives to the writer so you can choose the best option within your expectations. Published in the website,, useful articles original author and source of the article.

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