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Posted by Ralf on April 26th, 2017 — Posted in News

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Serious entrepreneurs know that the creation of our lists of prospects is essential to achieve our goals in business on the internet. And to create our lists, it is essential to have a landing page that will attract the greater number of visitors to be able to convert them into prospects. To do this, I’ll show 3 steps that you must follow so that your landing page is optimal for attracting the largest number of visitors that leave your data on it. 1. A title to awaken curiosity: Just like your articles, post, text ads, they need to bear a title that catches the attention of the visitor, your landing page should also have a title that will make your visitors want to read the rest of your page and what you have to offer. Remember that the title is the first thing your visitors will see and if that do not draw your attention, the luxury of reviewing what you have to offer will be given and much less will leave your data on your landing page.

2 Short and concrete: Contrary to what many say, your landing page It should be short and specific, that is, in a nutshell and direct to the point, you should explain what these offering your visitors in exchange for their data. Forget about wanting to explain everything in one page, because contrary to a page of sales, your landing page seeks to convert a visitor to Subscriber, already a when you have your data will have time to make the sale to your prospect and convert it to client. Meanwhile here concentrate on be specific and explain specifically what you’re offering and that can benefit you to your visitor, Furthermore recalls that by nature don’t like people reading, because we removed long time. 3. A powerful call to action: you maybe seem that this has no more relevance, but is proven that landing pages with a call to action just before the capture form, they get more conversions than those who do not. Phrases such as: download it now take it free among others make the difference between a page landing gear which converts and those that do not. If you want to know with more detail how to create a professional landing page optimized sees marketing tool.

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