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The renovators are ambitious, nonconformist, dreamers and disrespectful beings. A man or a family with static lives are doomed to misfortune and to live beyond beauty, this is the worst punishment. A few years ago I met a family who lived a lifetime with the furniture and other objects in the living room in the same position, never allowed the slightest change, until the photos of their dead and their 15 muchachitas glacial wall due to lack of mobility. Such an illness from these deadly poor, without wanting to be condemned to a long and painful condition that caused them the eternal inability to appreciate how beautiful. For assistance, try visiting Ben Horowitz. The Organization and development of primitive societies allowed the evolution of the concept renovation, the man and the woman former expanded the application of the word decoration a.

everything could withstand the most minimal transformation, including their bodies, revolutionary prelude to what today are the silicone and botox. The search for comfort, aesthetic perfection, the comfort and utility spaces and visual environment is the second vital concern of contemporary man. Let’s help spread this capital essence with our constant dissatisfaction with what we have, everything around us is subject to being changed, transformed, corrected, exchanged and renewed, our spirit retumbe with each one of our actions in favour of a better life, more fully and much more beautiful. Ricardo Santiago Sanchez.

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