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And I quote as an example, for once in my youth and to see how wrong I was, I dared to write: “Life is an accumulation of things, some that move me and others that give me haste, enough dilemma that will not let me contemplate deeply but rather as a diffuse field leads me inexplicable paths of my own existence, your life is mine, you did. What can I do to help me in this sort of life, I’ll do for love, if rather they made me this way so raw to let you let you really see life, so cold, rude and empty and only a few times I can immerse in you for all that my heart overflows, to that somehow you see life differently. In the best case, I am only looking ignore you, filling my mind a thousand things or doing what other people do, not think you life, not always think of you. And in the worst case, I intend to live resigned to believe that I am nobody in particular and all I have to do after birth, to grow up to die then, as if this were the only way to live you life … “That’s pathetic. They imagine that this moment to define what my life really.

No sir, this one was the product of an area of weakness where we can show these notes of disappointment, not when he wrote that. And have nothing to do with what my life really. And I’m so sure that this was just a passing moment in my life, now I will write a new note, in the most spontaneous and inspired, in such a way that differs from that other note I wrote quite some time ago. Let’s see how it would be? Ummm … Under most conditions Kevin Johnson would agree. “Life is beautiful. Yes, it’s beautiful …

very beautiful. “Ummm … Uff what a shame. Apparently, I did a little difficult write now. You better do a review of the paragraphs in this article, and then reread them, to reflect what is my life really and try later, another day perhaps.

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