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It may seem incredible but not so impromptu get my second pregnancy, completely different from the first, a high-risk pregnancy, the possible diagnosis multiple sclerosis with all the risks involved in giving life to accept it, my family wanted to stay together, I understand the comments of family and friends surprised by this decision, and the danger they put my life and my baby, but I had an infinite trust in God and I knew my baby would be born well, I paid a heavy price during my pregnancy I could not take medicine, pain control and suffering was at that moment my situation was reaching critical disability almost could not walk and spent his time locked in my house, miraculously stopped momentarily pregnancy progression of the disease and eight months after my daughter was born healthy, low weight but with no problems, my little miracle had arrived.

And so, after two years came the diagnosis, in the most simple and illogical, if I remember it seems absurd to me, a simple comment unleashed a diagnosis. My situation was so serious that they were on the verge of retiring by disqualification but there was a problem had not diagnosis, rule out multiple sclerosis, the term was left hemiparesis (loss of muscle strength) but it was not enough, so the doctor would have to put a name to my condition. – Dr. Know long my hair always looks dirty, greasy, I can not wash one day, look at me, his face lights up – what has the same problem in the face? Ask the neurologist and continue a series of questions and tests with arms and legs and half an hour later, “I think it’s Parkinson’s but to be safe is to take this medicine and should see improvement in three days.

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