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Said this, I want to affirm two things categorically to it: First I know that you are fit in at least one of these reasons that have taken people who were of its day the day to move away itself from you and as consequence has caused it much suffering. Second I affirm that you categorically to it not this alone (a). Therefore, Jesus never abandons its. He was therefore that Pablo Said: ' ' Close &#039 is you; '. (Filipenses 4:5) the salmista also demonstrated to this completely convicto of if having a relationship of pure friendship and fellowship with God when high saying in and good sound: Close he is you of the ones that have the broken heart, and saved the contritos of spirit. (Salmo 34:18) Therefore, you to cry, Jesus and your friend do not have reason who abandons never you. You have if to so only believe how much It this so close to you.

You will be able to make as Joo the loved disciple. However, one of its disciples, that one to who Jesus loved, was leaning upon in the seio of Jesus. (Jo 13:23) the friend through thick and thin Only allows the other to lie down the head in its chest. That you this waiting, do not import the problem that you this faced. Your friends had been all Calm! The faithful friend this well close to you. He remembers apostolo loved? It makes as! Hillside your head in the chest of Jesus, therefore It never will abandon to it. ' ' Close &#039 is you; ' (. Filipenses 4:5) Loves!

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